A mystery podcast fusing science and the supernatural, set in a small town in Maine. Airing now on STAR Radio.

Te only person who still cares about the disappearance of Dr Charlotte Snow is her fiancé, Dakota. When Dakota discovers what she believes to be clues Charlotte has hidden, she becomes convinced that Charlotte is still out there, waiting to be found.

As Dakota unravels the mystery of why Charlotte disappeared, she finds a deeper secret running through the streets of Maple Peak. Questions she had never thought to ask before suddenly seem obvious, and the town she had thought so ordinary for so long is far more complicated than she could have ever imagined.

But some mysteries are better left unsolved.

Dakota Ellison
Bartender-turned-detective who uncovers more than she is prepared to know. Not sure what blueberries taste like.
Charlotte Snow
Scientist who vanished over one year ago, under mysterious circumstances. Her field of expertise is molecular biology.
Andrea Barton
Lobster-woman who owns more than one axe. Pragmatic, practical, and a talented seafarer.
The Shadow People
They are always watching.
Logan Moreno
Librarian with a sense of adventure. Thinks that Cheerios are a food group.
Richard Crane
Local piano tuner. Have you seen him around here before?

Listen to episode one, Museum, written and produced by Mia Ferraiolo.

Listen to a brief clip of episode two, THE WORLD (REVERSED).


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